Freedom Firearms Gun Classes

Group Classes

Basic Handgun Class:  

Selling, Permits, Basic Handgun Safety, State and Federal Rules and Regulations

$125.00 per Student

12 Per Class Max

Advanced Handling & Marksmanship Skills: 

 Handling, Shooting Skills and Malfunction Drills

$200.00 Per Student

4-6 Students Per Class



 Malfunction Drills, Multi Target Shooting, Cover v. Concealment, Timed Exercise

$300.00 Per Student

 4 Students Per Class

AR-15 Owners Class:

 2-3 hrs  class work and  3-4 hrs Range work.


3/5 Students Per Class

Individual Classes

 Intro Gun Buyers Training Program:  

Pay an additional $200.00 upon purchase and receive additional perks with your purchase

1:1 Instruction: 

$40.00 Per Student/ 1/2hr Session


All registrations must be paid and in by Noon, the Friday before  class is scheduled. 

Individuals that show up the day of class that did not register, may be scheduled for the next available class.

Any additional questions about any of these services please ask our Instructors


Dean Jenkins

Keith Wallace

Marc Schroeder

 Contact Info.

Freedom Firearms, LLC
1525 Directors Row
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Hours of Operation

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Sun:  12 noon- 5p



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